Melaki honey from Crete

“Melaki honey from Crete” is produced by bees whose colonies are located to the purest unspoiled areas of Cretan nature. Cretan bees collect the nectar of Cretan herbs such as thyme, malotira (sideritis syriaca), sage, dittany etc., all of which are famous for their beneficial properties.

The nectar of Cretan flowers is very viscous as a result of the warm and dry climate of the region. This is also the result of the thick texture and strong aroma that Cretan honey has.

Melaki honey is collected with traditional methods and packaged under excellent hygiene conditions in supervised and certified facilities ( iso 9001 iso- Haccp 22000).

Also, the company cooperates very closely with certified analysis laboratories in order to ensure that all the lots are accompanied with the necessary certificates.

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